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For anyone who wants to improve their command of a foreign language, we recommend a homestay in one of our carefully-vetted teacher families. This is our most popular option and is ideal for young people preparing for GCSE, A level or University entry. You will stay as a paying guest, living as part of the family, completely immersed in the language and having a programme of private tuition within the family. You tell us exactly what you want to cover in the lessons and the teacher will ensure they are of maximum benefit to you. Older travellers often prefer not to have lessons but to enjoy a programme of outings and cultural visits with the family. Equally we can offer you a mixed programme; we are completely adaptable.   The advantage of a homestay such as this is the unparalleled opportunity it gives you to gain an insight into the way of life of the country and to have conversational practice; indeed, many travellers feel this is the only true way to know a country and its people.

Sometimes a student will prefer to attend a language school for their lessons, while still living in a host family. Where this is the case, the school will offer a programme of social and cultural activities to complement time spent studying. There is a very wide range of interesting programmes on offer from our schools, combining language learning with a range of sports, cooking, fashion design and much more. We can also find courses for business people; in every case, contact us and we will endeavour to match your requirements.

We also specialise in organizing group visits to any of our countries and can offer competitive prices and a wide range of destinations to teachers who are thinking of taking students abroad on the all-important school trip. As part of our service, you will benefit from the presence of our local organizers ‘on the ground’ who are invaluable in ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the stay.

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