Cultural & Special Interests

Bespoke visits can be arranged for visitors to live ‘as family’ for a holiday.

At times visitors just require the pleasure of staying ‘En Famille’ and being able to enjoy the culture of another country experiencing the personal touch of living with a family. This is of course quite different to staying in hotels and guest houses. This type of visit gives an opportunity to discover local cuisine, customs, local history and also gives the visitor the benefit of having personal guidance close at hand should it be required.

Depending on individual preferences every effort is given to match the visitor with a suitable host family in whichever country is selected. For example if there is a special interest in music or art, sailing or country sports, then we will try to find a family with similar interests. Host families can vary considerably from a couple to a big family with many children. The more information we receive from you at point of registration hopefully the better the match that can be found for your trip.

Types of Homestays ...