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Travelling with En Famille Overseas 2017

1.Passport: Please ensure that your passport is in order and valid for the country that you are visiting.  If you hold a passport from a country not in the EU you may have to obtain a visa.

2.Insurance: Before departure on any holiday arranged by En Famille Overseas, all travellers must be fully insured:  they must submit proof of valid insurance cover which will remain current for the duration of the holiday and which covers the traveller in case of illness, accident, civil disturbance, loss of baggage and personal items, need for repatriation, etc.  Failure to produce such evidence may jeopardise any claim made under the terms of the traveller’s insurance.  All travellers should carry their policy with them in France. En Famille Overseas can and does act as an intermediary to arrange meeting services when requested by its travellers.  However, it cannot be held responsible in the case of any accident of damage caused by or to the traveller, the meeting service provider or any other carrier, be it by car, train, sea or air, during the course of the holiday.  The same conditions apply in the case of delays or irregularities caused by strikes, storms the lengthening of a stay because of illness or any other reason.  Costs incurred in any of these circumstances remain the responsibility of the traveller.  In addition for UK citizens we recommend obtaining an E111 form obtainable from UK post offices:  this provides some free medical service abroad under the reciprocal arrangement with the European Union.  We must have proof of this medical and holiday insurance before you travel.

3.The Host Family: Whilst En Famille will do its best to find as close a match as possible to the details on your form, no guarantee can be given that the host family will consist of two parents and children, although wherever possible, especially in France, where this is requested, we will do our best.  Clients of En Famille are asked to accept however that in Spain, Italy and Germany host families, especially in cities, are often single people or couples as well as “standard” families; this does not affect the quality of care and welcome and security received. Any problems with the Host Family must be notified to the local organiser as soon as possible and certainly within three days of arrival.  No account or responsibility will be taken of complaints received after the homestay.

4.Travel Arrangements: Guests make their own travel arrangements. Should you have any doubts about the best route, your Host Family or the local organiser will be able to advise you, particularly about the latter part of the journey.  Travel arrangements to be notified well in advance, and never less than one week before the stay, direct to the Host Family who needs time to make their own arrangements.  Please ensure that the times of trains, flights etc are stated in 24-hour clock time.

5.Payment: 50% total cost is payable to secure booking once host family has been confirmed by both parties. Balance payable 6 weeks prior to arrival.  BACS transfer to be made to En Famille Overseas or by cheque to Mrs. Annie Norman.

6.Contract: Please note that it is not normally possible to change arrangements once they have been agreed on both sides because it causes a lot of extra work and disturbance to both En Famille and the hosting family.  However, En Famille Overseas prides itself on providing a bespoke service of tailor made homestays and in giving good care and service to those travelling with us.  We shall do our best to ensure all requirements are met in order to ensure smooth passage for a good holiday and much language learning to take place and hopefully avoid the need to change arrangements once they have been confirmed.

7.Cancellation or Postponement: Cancellation or postponement can happen and individual cases will be dealt with personally with a view to rescheduling a visit at a later date.

8.Staying En Famille: The success of an En Famille visit depends not only on the quality of the hospitality extended, but also upon the willingness and ability of the guest to adapt to unfamiliar customs and circumstances which may prevail in a different country and to fit in wherever possible with the family’s way of life. We hope that your stay will be both enjoyable and beneficial.  It is a good idea to take a little gift with you- something that represents your own country.  En Famille Overseas cannot take into account any claim made for repayment of costs incurred in the taking of one of its holidays after the holiday is over.  If the traveller has a complaint it must be made to the local organiser in the country where the holiday is taking place during the holiday.

9.Tuition (where applicable): If you have elected to have tuition, in order that your tuition course may be planned in advance, please let En Famille Overseas or your Host Family or the School you are attending know if there are any particular subjects or areas of study that you wish to cover. Guests on this scheme will usually be requested to sign a form at the end of their stay confirming the number of hours’ tuition they have received and their satisfaction with such tuition.  Tuition is based as far as is possible upon the language proficiency and requirements of the student.  Tuition is intended to further the recipient’s knowledge of the language at whatever level.  It is given in good faith and as such it must be understood that the benefit derived from this tuition is by its nature difficult to quantify.

10.Extra Costs: Miscellaneous expenses such as entrance fees to museums or exhibitions should be paid for by the traveller and not expect the host to meet this expense – offering to pay towards fuel costs for any such excursions would be kind gesture.

11.Return Visits: Any return visit to your host family and/or school must be arranged through En Famille Overseas and not by direct contact with the family.  Our families are in accord with this arrangement.

12.Summary: Travellers need to book their own travelling arrangements, purchase travel insurance, ensure passport up to date, send portrait photo to En Famille Overseas to enable family at airport/railway station to identify on arrival, and to ensure they have mobile phone and address details of host family with them during transit.


Last updated: January 2017

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